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Revolutionary Fire Tactics 2020 Conference Schedule 


Michael Dugan

This is MY Nozzle

Justin Mann

Situational Awareness Lost

Todd Edwards

This House Rocks

Michael Dugan

Attack of the 2 1/2": A Case for a Bigger Hand Line

Jonathan Brumley

Breaking Barriers

Todd Edwards

Ladders, Saws, and Roofs

Jared Smith

Real World Search

O'Byrne Fireground Training

Becoming A Dynamic Fire Chief

Craig Haigh

From Overhaul to Fireball

Dan Casey and Chip Ashford

Respectful Entry: Through the Lock

John Buttrick

From the Mile High to the Dirty South: Engine Company Operations

Justin Mann, Lindall Wood, Jonah Smith, Todd Edwards, Jonathan Brumley

The Art of Reading Smoke: The Next Generation

Rob Backer

1st Due Chauffer

Danial Nelms

Rapid Response Auto Extrication for Modern Vehicles

Stephen Kimker

Searchable vs Survivable- Educated Decision Making on the Fireground

Sean Duffy

Rescue Task Force

Valley TEMS

Practices and Attitudes of the Effective Fire Officer

Jason Hoevelmann

Firefighter Rescue and Survival

David Mellen

Build Your Culture

Sean Duffy