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Craig Haigh

Becoming a Dynamic Fire Chief (Classroom) 

Chief Haigh returns for a third year continuing the conversation on issues facing the fire chief.  This year’s program titled Becoming the Dynamic Fire Chief goes beyond the walls of your respective organization and looks at topics that impact and influence decision making related to leading our departments/districts.


Topics on the agenda:


  • FD’s role in Economic Development – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

  • Big Data – What does it tell us and what do we do with what we know?

  • The use of background checks in hiring – You be the HR Manager

  • The promotional process – Going beyond the resume

  • Today’s leadership demands – The jealous mistress that is killing us

  • Case studies of the day – A few to discuss and ponder… 


Chief Haigh will continue his highly interactive style of small group discussions and the use of real-life case studies designed to make you think, wrestle with tough topics and to learn from each other. 

Craig A. Haigh, a 34-year veteran of the fire service, is the Chief of the Hanover Park Fire Department and a Field Staff Instructor with the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute. Chief Haigh was a finalist for the 2012 International Association of Fire Chief’s Fire Chief of the Year, and was named the 2012 Illinois Career Fire Chief of the Year. Chief Haigh has managed volunteer, combination and career departments, and also served as the Interim Village Manager. Chief Haigh has implemented intermediate and paramedic services and is a frequent partner with the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute’s Firefighter Life Safety Research Center and the Skidmore College First Responder Health and Safety Laboratory. He is a published author and has developed a variety of courses for the fire service. He presents and speaks internationally and is an FDIC International H.O.T. instructor. He has a BS in Fire and Safety Engineering and a MS in Executive Fire Service Leadership. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program, is a nationally registered paramedic, an accredited Chief Fire Officer and a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers.