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Jared Smith 

Real World Ground Laddering (HOT Class)

This class will cover real world operations with ground ladders. Topics and scenarios will range from throwing straight ladders with minimal manpower, to a bangor ladder on a grade unconducive to ladders. We will cover unconventional carrying, deploying, raising and heeling techniques that are not in the norm, and in scenarios that will challenge the best of us. We will cover deploying off of different apparatus set ups, and setting yourself up for success immediiately before coming off the truck. Laddering on various grades, at various angles, matching roof pitch, fly-in vs. fly-out, ladder stacking, chuting ladders, balcony raises and other controversial topics will be discussed and performed. We will cover operating off of ladders positioned very specifically to cover all operations from simple venting to rescue of overweight victims, all with positioning done only a single time. Ladder and tool packages will be covered to ensure maximum efficiency in deployment off of the rig.

Jared Smith has been a firefighter and student of the firefighting trade for 17 years, 15 being career.  He is first and foremost a dedicated husband and father of 5.  He is an instructor for Engine House Training and travels throughout the state of Missouri teaching hands-on training for both engine and truck company operations.  His true passion in the fire service is truck company operations, with a special place for ground ladders.  He currently serves as a Captain with the Nixa Fire Protection District having been assigned to both an engine and a ladder company, he also serves as the Assistant Chief for the Sparta Fire Protection District, enjoying the simplicity of volunteering.  he has a thirst for knowledge, and a deep passion for learning the craft, sharing what he has learned with others.  He believes in holding each other to high standards of performance, training for the variance through the basics, and working like the blue collared servants we are.