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Jonah Smith     Hornet Fire Training  

Bridging the Generational Gap (Classroom)

This course will address the methods to deal with the current generational gap within the fire service. The diversity of generations in the service present issues that firefighters everywhere must navigate. This course will enlighten all members on methods to successfully navigate issues with generational differences in their departments.

Receive an introduction to the best methods and techniques to ensure that the first-arriving engine is successful in the four areas of the initial fireground action of placing a fire suppression line in service. This class will address the production an effective attack package to ensure success on the fire ground. Study the elements of the stretch, the placement, the advancement, and operation of an attack line that can be improved upon to increase fireground efficiency. This class is intended for all levels of firefighters and will present methods that can be used in all areas and staffing complements from around the country. 
This course has been presented 2 times at FDIC, multiple times in other conferences to include MAFFC and SC Fire Rescue.

All Things Engine (Classroom)

Jonah Smith grew up in Richmond, VA where his exposure to the fire service began in the Church Hill area of the RVA with some of the best firefighters in the city.  

Jonah attended the University of South Carolina for both a Bachelors and Masters and started with the Columbia Fire Department in 2003.  After a few years, Jonah pursued a career with the Charlotte, NC Fire Department where he began in 2005.  He is currently the Captain on Engine 20 in the city’s south side.  Additionally, since the day he received his certifications in 2003, he has volunteered with departments including the Lexington County FD and Columbia Fire Department.  Currently he serves as an Assistant Chief at the Pleasant Valley Fire Department in South Carolina.  Jonah is a 6 time FDIC instructor and has presented at numerous conferences to include: Firehouse Expo, Fire Rescue International, South Carolina Fire Rescue, and the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. He is married with 2 children.