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Local Emergency Training Specialists 


Firefighter Survival (LETS Survive)

The purpose of this course is to develop strategies and tactics for self-rescue of trapped firefighters. There are times when fire fighters may find themselves alone, trapped or entangled in deteriorating conditions and it is paramount they possess the skills and techniques to self-rescue if necessary. This course teaches the skills and self-confidence to master different life saving strategies and techniques fire fighters should know and practice.


  • Associating the amount of air in a bottle to the approximate time left in the bottle

  • Explain the procedure for skip breathing

  • Exercise the Mayday Drill

  • Understand the operation of PASS devices, integrated and non-integrated 

  • Develop skills to remove wire or other materials which entangle fire fighters

  • Perform tank shift and tank dump maneuvers, while in a confined space

  • Perform self-exit from a simulated collapse encasement

  • Perform self-rescue from a simulated window using ball up/out technique