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O'Byrne Fireground Training

Vehicle Extrication HOT Class

 In this class, we will cover the “Nuts & Bolts” of Extrication with a twist! We focus on how these skill sets apply to real world MVAs! We teach decision making and critical thinking that is applicable to patient conditions & survivability. Wrecked cars on an interstate or a hillside are not the same as victim-less junk yard cars. We will cover the basics along with some rapid tactics for when the patient doesn’t have the time for a long drawn out process. This "patient first” thinking, along with providing you with multiple “Plan B’s”, is our goal in this  hands on day of tearing sh*t up. 
This class will entail 1.5 hr in the classroom covering some extrication basics and discussion. This will lead into a full day out in the yard. Holmatro will be providing all of our tools for this event (battery & power unit driven), along with having a knowledgeable representative on hand for any questions pertaining to their newest and best tools. See Ya There! 

O’Byrne Fireground Training, Inc. is a firefighter training company focusing on the basic fundamentals of firefighting. Enormous amounts of time and money are spent in the fire service today to address the additional tasks that firefighters are charged with, such as: technical rescue, hazardous materials response, fire prevention, and emergency medical care. Our goal is to preserve and hone basic firefighting skills in addition to those additional skill sets. Our teaching style is geared towards today’s adult learners and based upon proven tenets of adult education. All of our instructors are experienced firefighters with a passion for educating other firefighters through information sharing and collaborative interaction. Some fireground tasks are very difficult to practice without expensive training aids or an abundance of acquired buildings. Forcible entry, for example, is impossible to practice without a training prop or numerous doors in a vacant building. Having a department full of firefighters who have only learned such skills in a classroom setting with little or no hands-on experience is dangerous and can ultimately cause severe delays on the fireground. The cognitive learning of these skills must be paired with kinesthetic learning (hands-on) for maximum efficiency and safety on the fireground. These classes intend to expand upon or hone firefighting skills that were previously learned in recruit or probationary firefighter training. Through experience and real world application of these skills, our instructors have learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to operate efficiently on today’s resource limited fireground. That real world “street smart” information is passed along to course participants to increase their operational effectiveness.